"How an Ohio Man Discovered He Was Passing Up $100's of Used Books Everytime He Would Walk Through a Second-Hand Thrift Shop!"  

My name is Bradley Hill and I will show you how to start your own Internet bookstore! In as little as one day you could learn how to find valuable used books from thrift stores, book sales, garage sales, library throwaways and how to open a bookstore online with little to no money
You can do this part time, full time or as a hobby
You could master in one day what took me 10 years of trial and error to achieve

You do not need much computer experience to sell books online. If you ever surf the web, use social media, shop online, then you should have the ability to start your own Internet Bookstore

You do not need your own website to sell books online. This books teaches where to find and what books to sell and how, online with little to no money.

There are literally millions of books out there ready for you to find and resell for profit online.
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You will learn:

  • How to Know in 10-seconds or Less if a Book Will Fly Out of Inventory -Chapter 2   

  • How and where to find resalable books at a Bargain prices and for Free 

  • What tools you'll need to determine the book value quickly (You probably have all the tools you will need already) -Chapter 4

  • Where on the Internet all of your buyers are (They are everywhere)

  • How to sell books quickly, efficiently and shipping shortcuts -Chapter 5-6       

This is the book I wish I had when I got started. So get started with it today, Risk Free.

This truly requires little to no money. That's right! I will show you how to open your Internet Bookstore with little to no money and how find your inventory dirt cheap and even for free.

In fact, my 10 years experience are condensed in to this quick to read book. It's not an on going course. It's a methodology you can learn in as little as one day.

Once you learn this skill it's like riding a bicycle and you can use it anytime you want. I am so confident that you will find this methodology so simple to use that is comes with My 100% Money Back 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Excerpt From The Book:

"My goal in writing this book will be achieved if your day becomes similar to mine. Mind you this is a typical example of what most of my work days are like. After the wake up routine I'll first go and check my book orders. I fulfill and ship those orders. Then I am off to the book sale (I will discuss this shortly). I have with me my pocket computer with a scanner attached (you do not have to have the pocket computer, will explain later). Once I am at the sale I begin scanning for resalable books. My device then tells me which books would be good to resell on Internet marketplaces. Once I have earned my bounty I rush home to list my books for sale on to Amazon and other on-line marketplaces."


Right Now is the time to begin and you can begin at the amazing low price of just 4.99 This website price will not be around long so buy today and learn how to start your online book business!

*60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*
Get The EBook Today You Pay Only 4.99!
Reg Paperback Retail $19.95



Imagine looking around the local book shop, thrift store or library book sale and knowing exactly which books you could take home and resell online for profit.


Hurry and get your downloaded copy of Start Your Own Internet Bookstore Today and I have included my personal contact information below and in the book so I can answer any questions or comments you have. It's ongoing support when ever you need it for your continued success. Buy now and get instant access!

Don't forget you get my 100% Money Back 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, You have nothing to lose. 

Get The EBook Today You Pay Only 4.99!
Reg Paperback Retail $19.95

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Start Your Own Internet Bookstore Today promises to teach you how to sell books online or you will be refunded the entire purchase price in the first 60 days. I make no claims of how much income you will earn if any. It is up to you to use this information as it is intended, to learn Internet book selling.

Questions Or Comments? Write to me or use the Contact Me page:
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7786 Otterbein Trl.
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